Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Development is an organisation where ideas come into fruition. We strive to equip young entrepreneurs with an ecosystem to start and sustain their own business. In order to do that, we host various events and workshops which help the students to ideate at an early stage. An important part of our work is to connect entrepreneurs to investors and interns through our growing network. We also collaborate with start-ups and offer them services that they might need help with.
The sole purpose of our organisation is to provide a blank slate to anyone with an idea and help them turn into reality by providing an appropriate environment for successful growth.
The organisation consists of 9 departments i.e. StartUps, Human Resources, Technical, Marketing & Design, Expansions, Events, Public Relations, Finance & Legals and Editorial. These departments give the members of the club a snippet of what the office culture is going to be like. The smooth functioning of the club is maintained through the inter and intra department workflow.