Startup Street 5.0

After the success of the event Startup Street, the revised event which is free of glitches from the previous version. The previous time, we invited start-ups and teams from all over India and gave them mentorship and gave them a chance to pitch their product / services in front of investors. But maximum ideas were raw and were in their ideation stages with very little knowledge about business. So, we devised a national plan to work on students and start-ups all over India through our events –Prototype and other mentoring programs and workshops and we gather all of them at Startup Street 5.0 which will have quality start-ups and projects that have their product/services ready. Again, this event will be a place where innovators, entrepreneurs, business analysts, marketers and people from other genres will come under one roof to scale up their ventures. It will not only consist of people with ideas but will consist of people who want to do something that they love and want to explore the world of entrepreneurship

Kick Startup

The event is aimed at showcasing the journey of an Entrepreneur. The participants experience a simulation of the different phases of life after college.

This includes two phases -
1. Job/Service Phase (so that the participants can gain knowledge and experience)
2. Startup Phase (Real life Problem statements related to the startup sector will be given and the participants need to come up with appropriate solution). This helps a college student get a taste of what a life of entrepreneur is like.

Scale Up

Scale up is an initiative by CSED to provide knowledge on start ups and help students gain technical prowess.

The sole purpose of this event is to provide a blank slate for students to imbibe technical knowledge through a series of informative and interactive sessions.


Technical and Management are two sides of the same coin. They both are equally important factors for any startup to flourish. This event will be a place where coders, web developers, entrepreneurs, business analysts, marketers and people from other genres will come under one roof to scale up their ventures. This event aims to bridge the gap between these two fields and connect students from the Technical and Management culture with each other. The event will be a 36h long event where the participants will be expected to come up with a viable product or service and pitch it at the end of the event. A team can have 4 – 7 participants.

Social Transformers

Ideathon is a 5 hour-long event conducted by BEAM in association with CSED. It aims at honing the participants convincing skills, creative thinking, presence of mind and problem solving skills. Mentors present will motivate and share their knowledge with the participants. The participant will be challenged by a quiz about real time problems and relatable examples. They will then have to pitch their idea to the judges in a way that they find it convincing enough to take the idea under their mentorship. Our team will then provide each team with a crisis and they would be required to come up with a solution on the spot. The objective of this event is to bring out creative ideas from young minds to solve current problems in biotechnology.