With the aim of providing a platform to budding entrepreneurs and bringing them in contact with investors and more established entrepreneurs, SHEILD INDIA was founded by a passionate group of engineering students at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, in 2015.

Since then, the organisation has organised countless events and workshops in schools and colleges to help students ideate from an early stage.

SHEILD INDIA has many start-ups under its tutelage. We help refine their products and provide them with the following services:

  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Graphic Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Web Development

Through our extensive and ever-growing network, we help connect these start-ups to investors and provide them with opportunities to grow.


C.S.E.D is an organistaion originating from VIT, Vellore. It is a platform for budding entrepreneurs to scale up their startup from ideation stage. We help the young generation of entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of the startup world. In addition to this we hold various events and workshops in schools and colleges to help students ideate in early stage. An important part of our work is to connect entrepreneurs to investors and interns through our growing network, providing them the required opportunities to grow. Our Aim: We wish to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to make their startup ideas into a reality by providing an appropriate environment for their successful growth.


Sarthak Garg


Sahil Sinha

VP - Finance & Legals


VP - Startups

Nikhita Mishra

VP - Human Resources

Naman L Upadhaya

VP - Technical & Design

Pranav Sharma

VP - PR & Outreach

Harshil Parekh

VP Marketing & Publicity

Janhvi Mehta

VP - Editorial & Blog


VP - Expansions

Rachit Narula

VP - Events, UR & Strategies